Bunker rinse out with Micah – clickity click!

Well what a lot of fun that was!  Micah came down to the bunker and well and truly showed us why he’s held that #1 spot in WA for so long.  So much fun in fact that we neglected to put together a tracklisting, so this one comes only with a download link – clickity click here for some sweet-ass tunes.

So what to expect then?  About an hour of three way one for one back to back goodness from DE, Bob and Micah… after which point our guest firmly took the reins and didn’t let go, so we just sat back and enjoyed the tunes and beverages – Micahs trademark party breakbeat with decent tech, dub, funk and electro flavours.  Clickity click!

Massive thanks for Micah for coming down and showcasing some of his tunes and skills behind the decks.

Next week we’ve got the Smack My Beats Up halloween special – expect the most nasty, dirty, grimey dubstep and evil tear out…


About smackmybeatsup

Radio show on NSB Radio (www.nsbradio.co.uk) Best in fresh underground beats & breaks from your hosts Dead Easy & BobNoceros. Every Wednesday 6-8pm local West Australian time (11am-1pm GMT) before Force Majeure.
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