Lee Coombs brings the shizzle

It was my first show back in a few weeks after work commitments (yawn) and it was f*ckin awesome to be back.  Was even better to finally get to play this mix from Lee, put together to promote his Aussie tour.  Really enjoyed this mix – a lot of the light and dark remixed tunes and a whole lot of other tech-funk goodness which got me straight on to beatport and searching for new tunes mid-show…

Download link here and tracklisting below


1. Forme – Let it All Out
2. AC Slater – Vertigo
3. Autokratz – Can’t Get Enough (BobNoceros get what you want mix)
4. Elite Force – The Final Whistle
5. DJ Zinc – Bounce Up
6. Miles Dyson – Rubberman
7. Funk Republic – Oh (Calvertron rerub)
8. General MIDI – Back for More feat. Odissi (BobNoceros intro edit)
9. Sam Hell – Logjammin (Kickflip remix)

Lee Coombs August Podcast

1. ZZT – The Worm – Turbo
2. Trent Cantrelle Vs Princess Superstar – ROBOT –Lee Coombs Analog Delayed Remix- Sounds Like Music
3. Lee Coombs – FSOR Mix2 – CDR
4. Lee Coombs – Hypnotone – CDR
5. Lee Coombs – Detox – Lot49
6. Boris Dlugosch – Bangkok – Phantasy Sound
7. Barbar Blaze – Elite Force Rerub – U&A
8. Lee Coombs – Punji – Zodiac Cartel mix – Lot49
9. Fergie – By the by – Reset Robot remix – Excentric
10. Vandal – The Wolf – Lot49
11. Dirty Super Car – Get a grip – Loops of Fury remix – Grand Hotel
12. Lee Coombs – Light and Dark – Lee Coombs Club remix – Lot49
13. Marco Bailey – Watergate – Bedrock
14. Depeche Mode – Hole to Feed – Popof Remix – Mute

If you want the Coombs mix without all my crapping on, you can get it (and many others) from http://leecoombs.podomatic.com/



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