SMBUp! feat. Kill Dyl // Archive & Tracklisting

Really enjoyed having Dylan on the show and hearing his smooth mixing and wicked tunes – if you’re into the electro side of breaks then definitely check this out.   Loved the first track in particular (Paff – Duplication) with the footsteps, clock ticking and eery sounds dropping into a driving bassline with crisp snappy hats… and great to hear some of his own production skills with “Grit”, to be released some time in future on Miles Dysons Aelaektropopp.

The archive for this weeks show featuring Kill Dyl is available by clicking on this link, and tracklisting is below.


Peo de Pitte – Little Acid People
Vesper – We Get Wicked (General Midi remix)
Sub Focus – Move Higher (Datadex remix)
Elite Force – Law of Life (Loops of Fury remix)
Afghan Headspin – Total Recall (Eshericks remix)
Nick Thayer – Gonna Getchya (Black Noise remix)
Slyde – Move Ya Body
Elite Force – M.A.D.
Deadmau5 – Ghosts n Stuff (Nero dubstep remix)
The Freestylers – Slammer (Affinity remix)
Tim Healey v Mark Adamo – Ghettoblaster
Ribs & IG38 – Riot Gear (Rack n Ruin remix)
DaVIP – Ignition
DaVIP – Level Up

Kill Dyl

Paff – Duplication
Kardinal, Lowkey – Toaster
Lee Coombs – Light & Dark (Club mix)
Art of Hot – Work it Out
Adam K – Come to Me
James Backstrom – My House
Caninesounds – Bounce (Dylan Rhymes remix)
A 6 Trio – Bass Effect (Zodiac Cartel remix)
Cablejuice, DJ Rockid – Progress (Sanrda Silva remix)
Gtronic – Sucker Punch
The Living Graham – Winter Hunter (Black Tripp remix)
The Nines & Kill Dyl – Grit
Mark Dyanamix & Jaytech – Identify Me
Morton Granau – SSH
Pink a Pads – Pink is Back (Shax remix)



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Radio show on NSB Radio ( Best in fresh underground beats & breaks from your hosts Dead Easy & BobNoceros. Every Wednesday 6-8pm local West Australian time (11am-1pm GMT) before Force Majeure.
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