Enough Weapons May Mini Mix

The breakbeat production duo from Cape Town – Enough Weapons – were kind enough to give us a mix entirely made up of their own brand of bangin breakbeat and electro tech infused glitchy beats.  As described by NSB’s very own Ben and Lex “A rasping grinding bass synth more addictive than crack and more lethal than a dose of anthrax shagged by the swine flu”.  Nice.

If this sounds appealing to you (and if you’re reading this, then it probably does), check out their label On a Break and their new releases on Beatport (Games).

Grab the SMBUp! Enough Weapons show here, tracklisting below.


General MIDI – Back For More feat Odissi (BobNoceros Masochistic Intro edit)
Elite Force – The Final Whistle
Freestylers & Ctrl Z – Ruffneck 09 feat Navigator (RacknRuin Remix)
RacknRuin – Skitzo VIP (Original Mix)
Deekline & Tim Healey – The Mexican
Slyde – Move Ya Body
The Loops of Fury – Soap (Peo De Pitte mix)
Vespers – We Get Wicked feat MC Vex (General Midi Remix)
Jack Beats & Dynamite MC – What (Dub Mix)
Freq Nasty – Brooklyn 2 Brixton feat Kovas (Freestylers Raw As Fk Mix)
Noisia & Foreign Beggars – No Holds Barred (Excision Remix)
Envy, Losers & Riz MC – Flush (Skism Remix)
Freestylers & Ctrl Z – Ruffneck 09 feat Navigator (Excision & Datsik Remix)
Lomax – Faith Massive
G Dub – Forever VIP
Lomax – Artisan VIP
Misanthrop – Black Rain
Sub Focus – Timewarp
DJ Hazard – Machete
Ram Trilogy – Screamer VIP
Culture Shock – Imax

Enough Weapons

Output 1-2- Enough Weapons (Revision Records)
Beyond- Enough Weapons (Ape Music)
Stick- Enough Weapons (Badbwoy Bass Records)
Downscale- Enough Weapons (Ape Music)
Supersonic- Enough Weapons (Ape Music)
Got Digital- Enough Weapons (Ape Music)
Games- Twelv & Thesis (Enough Weapons Remix) On a Break Records
Dropping Morgan A Line- Enough Weapons (Ape Music)


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Radio show on NSB Radio (www.nsbradio.co.uk) Best in fresh underground beats & breaks from your hosts Dead Easy & BobNoceros. Every Wednesday 6-8pm local West Australian time (11am-1pm GMT) before Force Majeure.
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