Pre-SMBUp! Warm Up Super Double Bunker Rinse Out, Hai!!

We did a double whammy 4 hours of power last week with Philly Blunt and Mono Lisa of Force Majeure Radio, and though we’ve not officially launched SMBUp it was a bit hard to refer to our individual shows so this inadvertently became the first of the many awesome SMBUp shows to come.  And talk about starting with a bang!  Not only did the unholy SMBUp alliance kick in, but we also joined forces with Force Majeure, had our International Electronic Dance Music Correspondent Jon Gifford interview with Lee Rous from the Plumps, and had lots of pre-release goodness from On a Break, Grand Hotel and BSD (not sure what label… maybe DE can enlighten us).

If you missed out on the show it can be downloaded here and trackisting as follows (a few missing though, sorry):

1. ?? – World Cup of the Future (Eva Be)
2. Break the Box – Prostitutes & Video Games (Grand Son)
3. MArk Knight – Man With The Red Face (Aquilaganja mix)
4. One Man Army – Belly Dance
5. Moderat – Rusty Nails (Booka Shade remix)
6. Bass Kleph – Shake Down
7. Warpig – Disco of Doom
8. Blaze Trip – Automatic
9. Bass Kleph vs Ice Cube mash (Krafty)
10. Tim Healey & Tomcraft – Real Smooth (Krafty)
11. Cantaloopz

12. DJ Icey – Amtrack
13. Plump DJs – Be Good
14. BSD – Get Hype on This
15. Jinx – Big Fat Ass (Rektchords remix)
16. Lee Coombs – Detox (dunno remix)
17. What Time Is It – Saint Victim (original mix)
18. Egotrippin – Bonsai Cat (original mix)

Lee Rous Interview – Part 1

19. PLump DJs – Funk Hits The Fan
20. Cakeboy – Swamp Thing (Kickflip)
21. Q45 – Squeeze (Black & Blunt remix)
22. Prodigy – Everybody in the Place (Stereofreakz remix)
23. Slyde – You’re My Fix (??? remix)
24. Leek feat ??? – I dont drink enough
25. Freestylers, Ctrl Z – Ruffneck ’09 (RacknRuin remix)
26. Deekline, Tim Healey – The Mexican
27. Fake feat Liz Melody – Curtis B
28. Bring Big Beat Back – Tim Schumacher
29. BSD – Hypnotizin’
30. Subfocus – Move Higher (Datadex re-edit)
31. Dj Icey – Kicks
32. Pyramid vs Wizard – War of the Worlds
33. Cut La Roc – Looking for the Deep Bass
34. Kultur and Columbo – Blow Me
35. [CLASSIC] Moog – What Is A Party
36. Philly Blunt – Follow the Sun
37. Elite Force – No Turning back
38. Slyde – Move Ya Body
39. Get A Grip – Dirty Super Car (Maximillion remix)

Lee Rous Interview – Part 2

40. Plump Djs – The Push
41. Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo (Jurrassik)
42. Nas & Damian Marley – As We Enter (Exit here remix)
43. ummmm, not sure
44. Sub Focus – Join the Dots
45. London Electricity – The Strangest Secret
46. Johnny Redlips – Listen to my music songs
47. G Dub – Forever VIP
48. Roni Size – Lucky Pressure
49. Twelv and Thesis – Games (Enough Weapons Remix)



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Radio show on NSB Radio ( Best in fresh underground beats & breaks from your hosts Dead Easy & BobNoceros. Every Wednesday 6-8pm local West Australian time (11am-1pm GMT) before Force Majeure.
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One Response to Pre-SMBUp! Warm Up Super Double Bunker Rinse Out, Hai!!

  1. DE says:

    BSD is on iBreaks records. Should have more stuff from that label next week!

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